Northeast Denver Residents Offer Input on Designs for Property Near RTDs New East Rail Line

Denver, CO (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

Recently, residents of several Northeast Denver neighborhoods had the unique opportunity to offer input on the development of a privately owned property near what will be the Colorado Boulevard commuter station of RTDs new East Rail Line. Three design concepts were created during a six-month community engagement process for the property, owned by Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) and located at Colorado and Smith Road. Community discussions, hosted by Shorter AME Church, were facilitated by The Denver Foundations Strengthening Neighborhoods program staff along with Radian.

The Park Hill Village West Community Design Fair, held Saturday June 28, 2014, was the culmination of a six month community engagement process where residents were engaged in the design of three concepts for the development of the property. The Community Design Fair was presented by The Denver Foundation, Urban Land Conservancy, Together Colorado, Radian, GES Livewell, and FRESC.

This is not the first time that residents in Northeast Denver have had such an opportunity. Urban Land Conservancy followed a similar process for its Holly Area Development Project (HARP) in Northeast Park Hill. Five years later, the site, which was once a burned-out shopping center is now home to the Anschutz Center which houses the Vickers Boys & Girls Club as well several other nonprofits. The beautifully landscaped plaza also holds a playground, basketball, and futsal courts.

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Village of Ossinings First Annual Harborfest Explores the Beauty of the Hudson River on September 21

Ossining, NY (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

On Saturday, September 21, the Village of Ossinings Bicentennial Celebration continues with the first annual Harborfest on the Hudson River. This year, Harborfest teams up with the Hudson Rising River Tour to bring Sloop Clearwater, the historic covered barge Pennsy 399, a farm feast, outdoor adventure activities, sustainability exhibits, vendors, live music throughout the day, and fun water-related activities to the shores of Ossining. Held along Ossinings waterfront beginning at 11:00am, the festival will conclude with fireworks over the Hudson at 10:00pm.

The Village of Ossinings inaugural Harborfest is expected to draw a crowd of several thousand. Various boats will be on display with boat-building demonstrations by local craftsmen. SEAS Westchester will have a small boat regatta at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club (OBCC). OBCC will also be running a youth fishing program and seineing at the PAL Beach. Booths at Harbor Square will feature a variety of vendors including Hudson River-oriented groups, crafts and artists.

Harborfest is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Ossinings waterfront with a wide range of activities that include something for everyone, said George Camp, chair of the Bicentennial Committee. See the heritage ships, enjoy a boat ride or demonstration, paint, listen to music, stroll along the water, and learn more about Hudson River preservation efforts.

Live music at Harbor Square kicks-off at 11:30am with a performance by the Ossining-based Mike Risko band and continues throughout the day with an eclectic array of musical genres from classic rock, pop, and instrumental jazz to urban folk, new age, and sci-fi rock & pop. The extensive music line-up includes eight groups, many with local ties to Ossining. KJ Denhert and her band will play the final set leading to the fireworks display over the Hudson. Additional artists include Erin Hill & Her Psychedelic Harp and the Grammy-nominated new age jazz band Sundad.

In addition to the live entertainment and other water-related activities, Harborfest attendees will also have the opportunity to go aboard a variety of water vessels including the sloop Clearwater, a majestic 106 long replica tall ship.

Pete Seeger launched the sloop Clearwater in 1969 to clean up the Hudson River. A nationally recognized symbol of environmental awareness, Clearwater is a floating classroom to inspire tomorrows environmental leaders. While aboard, Harborfest attendees can enjoy the Hudson Valleys beautiful vistas and historic landmarks while learning about the river and its place in American history.

Shattemuc Yacht Club sailors will provide free sailing trips from 12pm to 3pm for the first 15 people in attendance. Boats sail at 12pm and return to Shattemuc by 3pm.

Shattemucs 3rd annual Plein Air Paint Out and Auction at Harborfest gives artists an opportunity to paint along the Ossining waterfront in their choice of media. Check-in beings at 7am with breakfast and lunch provided. The completed paintings will be displayed on the deck of the Shattemuc Yacht Club at 3:30pm and auctioned off at 5pm. The event is open to the public, although artists must register in advance. For additional details or to register, visit or call 914-262-2029.

Held this year in conjunction with Harborfest, the 11th annual Ossining MATTERS Education Foundations 5K Run/2 Mile Walk kicks-off at 9am to raise funds to support and enrich learning opportunities for all children in the Ossining School District. The route includes a walk or run along the waterfront with runners continuing through the Edward M. Wheeler Crawbuckie Nature Preserve. Registration is available on site next to the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club from 7:30 to 8:30am. For more information or to register, visit or call 914-510-9320.

The Village of Ossinings Bicentennial Celebration is made possible with major support from Ginsburg Development Companies in collaboration with the Ossining Arts Council, Ossining Historical Society and the County of Westchester. Significant additional funding has been provided by General Electric Company, Emigrant Bank, Avalon Bay, Cedar Manor, Inc., Dorsey Funeral Home, Open Door Family Medical Center, Inc., Hudson Valley Bank, Bethel Homes & Services, Solomon Organization, Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc., Mahopac National Bank and Club Fit.

The 2013 Hudson Rising River Tour is made possible by a broad collaborative of green groups, farmers, forward-thinking businesses, municipalities and state agencies as well as a grant from the New York State Department of Economic Development and I LOVE NY. For more information about Hudson Rising visit and

For additional information on Harborfest or other upcoming bicentennial events, visit,, or contact the Village Managers Office at 914-941-3554.

About the Village of Ossining

On April 2, 1813, the Village of Ossining became the first incorporated village in Westchester County to be state-chartered. Today, Ossining is a culturally diverse, affordable place to live, rich in both history and natural beauty. Approximately 24,000 people reside in the three square miles of this historic Village on the Hudson River, which boasts extensive shopping, recreational programs, educational enrichment opportunities, and community services. Ossinings role in New Yorks heritage has been recognized by its inclusion, as one of only 14 areas, in an Urban Cultural Park System designed to attract visitors to the State. With its Bicentennial anniversary in 2013, the Village of Ossining has launched Ossining in 3D, a yearlong celebration of events designed to honor the Villages past while embracing its future. Visit for more information.

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Turiya Nadas Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake Presents Powerful, Ritual Trance Music to a New Generation of Listeners

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 29, 2013

In south India, in a cave near the peak of a sacred mountain, sat the Siddhar sage, Ayya. Meditating without moving for 18 years, eating no food and drinking only a cup of milk each day, he lived in the state of Turiya a level of heightened consciousness unbound by what we perceive as the laws of the physical world. He sang in ecstasy, his voice resonant with the bliss of his profound realization of oneness.

It was at the feet of Ayya and five other gurus that the young Nandhi studied the Siddhars ancient and rigorous trainings in yogic and meditative practices. Sitting outside the cave, absorbing Ayyas divine chanting, the young disciple increasingly felt a deep wish to share its venerable, heartful resonance with the rest of the world. What a sense of perfection and wholeness everyone could attain — if only they knew the path.

Moving from southern India to southern California in 2002 at the direction of his teachers, and working under the name Turiya Nada, Nandhi has created his own original fusion of the rapturous, ancient chants of Indias Siddhar sages with 21st century electronic soundscapes. Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake (White Swan Records; October 8th) is Turiya Nadas third recording, offered in thanks to the enlightened masters who came before him in the Siddhar tradition that spans several thousand years — and as a means of sharing their transformational messages of compassion and community with the western world. Produced and arranged by the award-winning musician Howard Lipp and multi-instrumentalist EdWing Sankey, the albums eleven hypnotic mantras present powerful, ritual trance music for a new generation of listeners.

Turiya Nadas intense, devotional chants — enhanced at times with such diverse instrumentation as cello, zither, Native American flute, guitar, bass, keyboards, Tibetan bowl, and butterfly harp are resonant with his breath and redolent with his dedicated passion. They create a sonic environment that is both trance-inducing and electrifying at the same time. In the albums extensive liner notes, the yogic master clearly explains each mantra, phonetically spelling it out so the listener can participate, noting the nature of the blessings that it imparts, and detailing its background in the mystic Siddhar tradition that dates back to antiquity.

The breath, or prana, is key to the Siddhars state of enlightenment and the journey beyond enlightenment, and its application in the chanting of sacred mantras opens the passageway to awakening the heart and raising consciousness. Practiced in India for over 5,000 years, mantras sung in the ancient Sanskrit and Tamil languages of the Indian subcontinent have been scientifically documented to invoke a sense of physiological well-being; they are also widely acknowledged in helping elevate the psychological and emotional self to a higher level of consciousness and a deeper sense of unity with the timeless — regardless of ones religious beliefs or lack thereof. They are a balm for the practitioner, an antidote for the noise and clamor of daily life and a source of profound calmness and balance.

Two years after his arrival in America, Turiya Nadas recording career was launched in 2004 when his debut album, Cave of the Siddhars, quickly became a classic in the New Age genre. Prior to Nandhis elucidation for western seekers, the secretive wisdom of the Siddhars had seldom been revealed, though it had been passed down through an unbroken lineage over several millennia. In 2008, Turiya Nada followed up with Invoke the Masters, an album of potent Siddhar chants from the sages innermost circle. Carrying on his outreach, Arakara: Ecstasy of the Awake is his latest musical offering, blending ritual trance and harmonic beats with authentic mantra chanting; its music will be featured in a new documentary film called “3 Magic Words.”

In addition to making music, Nandhi works as a kirtan leader, visual artist, teacher, author and humanitarian. He is developing an instructional DVD series for a course called “Mastery of Consciousness: Kalangi Kundalini Yoga.” He is also deeply committed to manifesting his vision for The Ariven Community, an international non-profit organization creating self-sustaining global animal sanctuaries operating under the principles of Ahimsa (the avoidance of violence). The plan is to provide retired beasts of burden (primarily cows and oxen), rescued from the slaughterhouse, with an abundant and safe place to live out their final days. It involves biodynamic gardening, utilization of animal waste as fertilizer, and the creation of robust organic farming operations in an effort to abolish world hunger and help create a cruelty-free and health-conscious world community.

Clearly expressing his vision — and his mission, tasked to him by the Siddhars — is Nandhis Vision for Humanity: A Declaration of Consciousness, which reads: “This is a declaration for the people of Earth to come together once and for all in love and unity. It is the call for countries and individuals to declare the inalienable tenets of consciousness as universal human rights: non-violence, honoring the feminine, respecting our elderly, the ending of all war, encouraging love of all people regardless of their race, religion or culture, and the protection of our planet.”

The Siddhars

Siddhars are Sages who journey beyond enlightenment as “liberated” yogis. In this journey within consciousness, the Siddhars abandon beliefs for experience. Connecting to the ancient lineage of Gurus who pave the way for guidance, protection and grace, theirs is a process of “unlearning”. The inner journey of the Siddhars is based on tapas (to light the fire of perpetual Source union within). The Siddhars follow the path of oneness that embodies ahimsa (the life message of Mahatma Gandhi: non-violence, non-killing, tolerance and love for not only all of humanity but for all creatures as well). For the Siddhars, external knowledge, especially from a book, is hardly relevant as much of their knowing, practice and teachings is based on self-knowledge, the wisdom from within. With depth of silence, meditation and japa (recitation of mantras) as tapas, the Siddhars examine the human realities from cosmic consciousness. The Siddhar tradition is devoid of castes, traditions, beliefs and written teachings. Instead, the ancient wisdom is conveyed through resonance, the mantra deeksha (initiation) and the guru’s grace — with much of the evolving transformation resulting from one’s own effort in the practice of tapas (inner fire) and sadhana (daily discipline). For a Siddhar Sage, divinity is in form and formlessness, with the worship centered more towards a simple fire lamp as a symbolic focus of their own inner lamp. Siddhars refer to God as Source in order to free wisdom from the stagnancy of dogma.

Siddhars in the practical sense

As we journey through consciousness on the pathway of the Siddhars, our mind is empowered by extra abilities such as envisioning the future, seeing another persons past and reading the thoughts of others. Due to the absence of ego, the Siddhar Sages do not succumb to these extra powers of the mind and the super-normal abilities that awaken with the mind connecting with Source/God. However, the Siddhars, realizing their vastness of being Spirit/Source in their ability to transcend the mind and the limits of the mind, bring this blessing to benefit humanity. To a Siddhar Sage living in the midst of humanity with a life of purpose and focus, multidimensional talents as genius are brought to the fore. The path of the Siddhars is attuned, aligned and suited to the current modern day society as it is a journey to seek wholeness through understanding the power of now and the vast potential for goodness as the basic nature of humanity.

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Seattle-Based Musician Hans York Wins New Folk Songwriter Honor at Esteemed Kerrville Folk Festival

North Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2008

German-born, Seattle-based, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hans York recently won one of six spots in the Grassy Hill New Folk songwriter competition which enabled him to perform earlier this month at the renowned Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. The festival has been an annual tradition since 1972 and lasts 18 days in May and June hosting numerous and varied singer/songwriters. Major label artists including Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Michelle Shocked, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Robert Earl Keen, Lucinda Williams, and Nancy Griffith played Kerrville early in their careers. Today, you may still see artists such as Peter Paul & Mary, Judy Collins and Janis Ian performing at Kerrville.

Hans is honored and thrilled by his win and it’s timed perfectly for the upcoming release of his wonderfully fresh acoustic pop meets folk album Young Amelia. The record is a low-key gem showcasing York’s impressive acoustic guitar playing, appealing tenor and strong songwriting skills. His approach to the guitar blends jazz, folk and Classical European styles into a sound that’s both familiar and unique. Self-produced and recorded live in the studio in a mere two and a half days with the help of some talented friends (credits below), Young Amelia showcases York’s distinctive guitar sound, full of rhythmic and melodic flourishes that impress without overwhelming the songs. York favors open tunings, which give his playing an expansive feel, marked by full, round notes and chiming overtones. Web music research authority All Music Guide in describing the new album declares “The music itself is sublime, as gentle as a summer’s breeze, one can easily lose oneself in its serene beauty, but listen closer and one discovers a complex world of sound.”

York’s remarkable musicianship and low-key charisma make his shows a wonderful experience for the audience. The artist has an impressive and eclectic resume. He backed Robert Palmer on German TV, played duets with jazz, Celtic and Classical harp player R